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Rausch Creek
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Wheeling in the
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Tellico North Carolina

Paragon Adventure Park
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Jeep Project CJ-7

An ongoing Budgeted Rebuild/Build up of a Rock
Crawling Machine.

Installing 23,000 Volt Offroad Lights

Lockers, Limited Slips &
other Differentials Explained


Ramp Travel Index
RTI / Ramp Travel Index What it is and how to calculate it, with and without the ramp.

Offroaders Guide to Gearing up for Offroad
From Basic Equipment to Well Equipped.  An extensive list guide to help you prepare your vehicle for the offroad.





All-Pro FJ Cruiser Front Coil-Over Kit and 2" Rear Spacer Kit
Information provided by All Pro Off Road

ALL-PRO OFFROAD's new coil-overs are adjustable from 0-3.5" of lift and exclusively feature Walker-Evans shocks, new upper shock mounts, and 650-lb coils. The shocks are completely rebuildable and revalvable and feature a 5/8 shaft, an aluminum body with corrosion resistant coating, and come with a 1-yr warranty against manufacturer's defects.

They are valved specifically for the FJ Cruisers and are available with or without a 12-way adjustable compression dampening remote reservoir. Not only will these coil-overs allow you to run bigger tires, they will greatly improve your truck's off-road capability. Our upper mounts are offset to allow you to retain your stock sway bar without any interference or modification.



Walker-Evans shocks with or without adjustable reservoirs, and stainless steel extended brake lines.  Kit components are also sold separately and they also have coil spacers available for $30 less per kit, utilizing your stock coil spring.  ALL-PRO's coils are 15% stiffer than stock.  For the ultimate rear set-up, add their heavy-duty lower control arm links for superior strength and travel.

ALL-PRO OFF ROAD FJ Cruiser Front Suspension Installation Instructions
(Kit also applies for 2005 and later Toyota Tacoma)

Tools required for installation:


1 – 19 mm Lug Wrench

2 – 19mm wrenches/socket

2 – 17mm wrenches/socket

1 - 12mm wrench/socket

1 - 10mm wrench/socket

1 - 8mm wrench/socket

1 – Ratchet

1 – Impact wrench (optional)

1 – Flat tip blade screw driver

1 – 10in. adjustable wrench

1 - 3/16 allen wrench

1 – Needle nose pliers

1 – Channel Lock Pliers

1 – 3/16” wrench

1 – Medium ball peen hammer

1 – Medium Mallet or Dead Blow Hammer

1 – Floor Jack

4 – Jack Stands

1 – Pair of coil spring compressors (optional)

1 – Pair of Tie Down straps


Stock A-Arm and Strut Removal
(directions are the same for the driver and passenger side)

1.  Jack the rear then the front of the vehicle off the ground until the tires are ~ 2 inches off the ground.  Place jack stands under the rear axle and under the frame rails on the front of the truck just behind the front cab body mount arms.
2.  Be sure that the vehicle is resting securely on the jack stands, then remove both front tire/wheels from the truck.
3.  Using a pair of needle nose pliers remove the cotter pin from the upper a-arm’s ball joint, save cotter pin for re-installation.

4.  Loosen ball joint nut until there is ~ a gap of 1/16” between the nut and the spindle arm.

5.  With the small gap between the nut and the spindle arm, strike the face of the spindle arm to release the taper on the ball joint.  The spring force in the strut will help release the taper on the ball joint.   Strike until the ball joint taper releases and the spindle descends until it is resting on the nut.

6.  Remove the A.B.S. feedback wire and the brake line from there body mounts so the lines are loose and will not be stressed as you drop the lower control arm.

7.  Place the floor jack below the lower control arm and raise arm until the spring pressure is reduced and the tapered ball joint is loose in the spindle arm.  Remove the nut from the ball joint, then lower the lower a-arm as the ball joint slides out of the spindle arm.

8.  Drop the lower arm enough to release the spring tension in the strut and enough to remove the upper a-arm ball joint from it’s taper.

9.  Support the lower a-arm with the floor jack or by strapping it to the shock tower so it does not droop out so far that the A.B.S. and brake lines are stressed.

10. Remove the upper a-arm pivot bolt nut.

11. Remove the top plastic clips holding on the  body/frame mud skirts on both sides of the shock tower and allow the skirts to fold down.

12. As you slide the upper a-arm pivot bolt forward you will find that it interferes with the body’s inner/outer fender well seam.

13. You must bend the lower rolled seam of this joint out and away from the center of the truck.  You must only bend down the lip of this seam.  When the lip of this seam is bent down in the area the bolt will pass by, slide the bolt forward.
14. In order to slide this bolt all the way out, you may need to drive it from the rear side of the truck using a tapered punch and a ball peen hammer.  It is not necessary to drive it with hard strikes, just tap it forward.  Make sure that you have enough clearance with the body seam and the bolt.  Do not drive the bolt so far forward that it contacts the radiator.

15. As the bolt clears the a-arm remove the upper a-arm.

16. Loosen the lower strut bolt/nut on the lower a-arm.

17. Loosen all three upper strut bolt/nuts.   Remove the nuts from the bolts. 

18. It is not necessary to remove the double nutted upper shock mount. 
19.  If you cannot droop the lower a-arms enough to remove all spring compression in the strut, you may have to compress the spring usings strut compressors (available for rent at most auto parts stores.  Use as directed by the manufacturer.  Using the floor jack to compress the spring will make it easier to compress the strut springs.

20. By lifting or lowering the lower a-arm until there is not shear load on the lower strut bolt, you will be able to remove the bolt towards the rear of the vehicle.

21. Remove the strut from the lower mount point then the upper mount point.

22. If removal is difficult the sway bar can be disconnected from the drag link on both sides of the truck by removing the nut of the back side of the sway bar/lower drag link joint., then rotate the sway bar out of the way.


All-Pro A-Arm and Coil-Over Installation
(directions are the same for the driver and passenger side)

1.  Locate the upper coil-over adaptor plates.

2.  Wrap the coil-over anodized bodies with tape to protect the anodization during install.
3.  Release all compression in the coil-over’s spring by loosening the pre-load nut collar on the top of the spring.  You may need to loosen the locking allen cap screw so you can rotate the collar.

4.  Insert the lower coil-over bolt with the tapered shock eyelet bushings on either side of the shock body.

5.  Place a washer and the locknut on to the lower shock bolt and tighten.

6.  Place the bolt and tapered bushings as you did on the lower mount.

7.  Place the upper end of the coil-over into the upper mount. Assemble as you assembled the lower. 

8.  Insert the upper adaptor mounts into the shock towers.

9.  Bolt each adaptor mount into the shock towers.  Insert them from below with the straight edge of the adaptor parallel with the outside of the truck.  There is a passenger and driver side upper mount.  Be sure each mount is positioned to lean each coil-over towards the center and rear of the truck so the springs will clear the sway bar.

10. Temporarily position the coil-over reservoir on the top of the shock tower and zip tie in place.
11. Install bolts, washers, and lock nuts  and tighten upper coil-over mount into place.

12. Lubricate all surfaces of the poly bushings, the steel compression tubes and the stock pivot bolt with a high quality waterproof grease.
13. Press the poly bushings into the a-arm. Then press the compression sleeves into the poly bushings.
14. Install the All-Pro Upper a-arm by sliding it below the A.B.S. and shock reservoir line. It is important that these line run above the a-arm so they do not get pinched between the a-arm and coil spring.  Position the a-arm with the grease fittings facing down and the gussets facing up.
15. Insert the stock pivot bolt through one of the  large end washers and then through the poly bushing, then another large end washer .  Place another large end washer on the other side of the a-arm’s poly bushing then run the pivot bolt through the washer, the poly bushing and the last large end washer.  Place the lock nut on the pivot bolt and tighten.
16. Find the misalignment bushing that has a tapered end to it, lubricate the tapered area well with waterproof grease, clean out the upper spindle tapered hole that the ball joint was removed from.  Insert the tapered mis-alignment bushing tapered end first into the tapered hole. 

17. Position the spindle and upper a-arm so you can assemble the uniball/mis-alignment bushings/through bolt.  Assemble and tighten locknut on the bottom of the bolt.
18. Mount coil-over reservoir on top of shock tower with provided clamps.  Use the upper mount bolts/nuts to secure.
19. Zip tie the A.B.S. line to the rear arm on the a-arm so that it will not be stressed at full compression and droop of the a-arm.
20. Re-attach the A.B.S. and brake lines to the frame mount brackets.
21. Re-attach sway bar if you detached it to assist with coil-over removal install, tighten nuts.
22. Double check that all nuts/bolts/brackets/etc. have been tightened  and that all wires/brake lines/reservoir lines are free to move and have been zip tied into place.


ALL_PRO OFFROAD 2" Rear FJ Cruiser Lift Kit

Walker-Evans shocks with or without adjustable reservoirs, and stainless steel extended brake lines.  Kit components are also sold separately and they also have coil spacers available for $30 less per kit, utilizing your stock coil spring.  ALL-PRO's coils are 15% stiffer than stock.  For the ultimate rear set-up, add their heavy-duty lower control arm links for superior strength and travel.


If you are looking for the best of the best, All-Pro has developed “Pro Links” using top quality Johnny Joints ends made by Currie Enterprises. These high quality rebuildable joints are custom made just for this application and provide flexibility, strength and control, and feature zerk fittings for easy lubrication.  The links are made from burly 1.75" X .281 wall DOM tubing.  Unlike the other links All-Pro offers, these are fully adjustable to accommodate lifted applications and to allow for the axle to be re-centered in the wheel well and for the pinion angle to be adjusted.


For the Ultimate in Toyota FJ Cruiser
Suspension Systems Contact ALL-PRO OFFROAD



Contact Info:
Phone: 951-658-7077
Fax: 951-658-2375
541 N. Palm Ave.
Hemet, CA 92543


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