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Kumho Road Venture AT Ratings (1-5 Star)
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Review of the Kumho Road Venture AT  

The Kumho Road Venture AT is an All-Terrain light truck tire designed to combine off-road traction with on-road quality handling and ride characteristics. The Road Venture AT KL-41 is available in Load Range C, D and E sizes and was developed to meet the needs of heavy-duty commercial pickup trucks and sport utility vehicle drivers who desire highway treadwear along with off-road and snow traction.

The Kumho Road Venture AT features a cut and chip resistant tread compound molded into a rugged, aggressive tread pattern. Full depth circumferential zig-zag grooves, along with lateral grooves and sipes help reduce the possibility of hydroplaning and provide dry and wet traction on and off the road. The tread grooves are tapered to help clean stones, dirt and snow. On the inside, the Road Venture AT KL-41 combines twin steel belts reinforced with a spirally wrapped nylon cap ply to enhance durability and high speed capability, while polyester cord reinforced sidewalls provide an even ride.


Kumho Road Venture AT


Manufacturers description of this tire: 

Kumho Road Venture AT

SUV/Light Truck/RV Radial UTQG: P-Metric 500/A/B

The KL78 is the newest member of the Road Venture AT family. The KL78 has the instinct of a high performance street tire with the agility to venture into the unknown. Great handling, outstanding traction on paved or unpaved roads, long mileage and low noise make the Road Venture AT KL78 a great fit for today's pick-up trucks and SUV's.

Special Features

  • Circumferential zig-zag grooves, along with multiple lateral grooves and sipes, provides excellent driving traction on and off the highway.
  • Full depth circumferential tread grooves evacuate water from the footprint area, reducing the risk of hydroplaning and improving wet handling and braking.
  • Optimized tread groove tapers promote self cleaning of mud and snow for better all-terrain traction.
  • High tensile steel belts and endless nylon cap ply application promote a uniform tire shape for excellent durability and higher speed capability, for the life of the tire.
  • Tread compound specifically designed to combat cutting and chipping.
  • Computer generated sequential pitch design for optimum traction and a quiet ride.
15" Size Tires
Tire Size Service Description Load
Overall Dia
Section Width on
Meas. Rim(inch)
Depth (1/32")
U.T.Q.G. Tire Weight
LT215/75R15 100/97S  C OWL  27.7  8.5 on 6.0  14  29.7 
P235/75R15 108S  XL OWL  28.9  9.2 on 6.5  14  500/A/B  33 
31X10.50R15LT 109 S  C OWL  30.5  10.5 on 8.5  15.5  41.9 
P235/75R15 105S  SL OWL  28.9  9.3 on 6.5  14  500/A/B  30.9 
30X9.50R15LT 104 S  C OWL  29.5  9.5 on 7.5  15.5  35.8 
LT235/75R15 104/101S  C OWL  28.9  9.2 on 6.5  15  34.1 

16" Size Tires

Tire Size Service Description Load
Overall Dia
Section Width on
Meas. Rim(inch)
Depth (1/32")
U.T.Q.G. Tire Weight
LT265/75R16 112/109Q  C OWL  31.6  10.5 on 7.5  15.5  45 
LT215/85R16 115/112Q  E OWL  30.4  8.5 on 6.0  15  40.5 
P265/75R16 114S  SL OWL  31.6  10.5 on 7.5  14  500/A/B  33 
P235/70R16 104S  SL OWL  29  9.4 on 7.0  14  500/A/B  28.7 
LT315/75R16 121S  D OWL  34.6  12.3 on 8.5  15.5  67.1 
LT245/75R16 120/116Q  E OWL  30.5  9.8 on 7.0  15.5  43.2 
LT215/85R16 110/107Q  D OWL  30.4  8.5 on 6.0  15  38.6 
P265/70R16 111S  SL BSW  30.6  10.7 on 8.0  14  500/A/B  32.4 
LT285/75R16 122/119Q  D OWL  32.8  11.3 on 8.0  15.5  52.3 
LT225/75R16 112/115Q  E OWL  29.3  8.8 on 6.0  15  37.7 
P255/70R16 109S  SL OWL  30.1  10.2 on 7.5  14  500/A/B  31 
LT265/75R16 120/116Q  E OWL  31.6  10.5 on 7.5  15.5  48.7 
LT305/70R16 124S  E OWL  32.8  12.2 on 9.0  15.5  63.4 
LT225/75R16 110/107Q  D OWL  29.3  8.8 on 6.0  15  36.7 
P245/75R16 109S  SL BSW  30.5  9.8 on 7.0  14  500/A/B  27.1 
LT265/75R16 119/116Q  D OWL  31.6  10.5 on 7.5  15.5  44.6 
LT235/85R16 120/116Q  E OWL  31.7  9.2 on 6.5  15.5  43.9 
P245/70R16 106S  SL BSW  29.5  9.8 on 7.0  14  500/A/B  26 

17" Size Tires

Tire Size Service Description Load
Overall Dia
Section Width on
Meas. Rim(inch)
Depth (1/32")
U.T.Q.G. Tire Weight
P285/70R17 117S  SL BSW  32.8  11.5 on 8.5  14  500/A/B  44.4 
P265/70R17 113S  SL BSW  31.6  10.7 on 8.0  14  500/A/B  34.1 
P255/65R17 108S  SL OWL  30.1  10.2 on 7.5  14  500/A/B  31.5 

18" Size Tires

Tire Size Service Description Load
Overall Dia
Section Width on
Meas. Rim(inch)
Depth (1/32")
U.T.Q.G. Tire Weight
LT355/65R18 125S  D OWL  36.5  14.1 on 10.5  17.8  79 
P265/70R18 114S  SL BSW  32.6  10.7 on 8.0  14  500/A/B  35.3 
LT325/65R18 121S  D OWL  34.6  13.0 on 9.5  16.7  68.1 
LT325/60R18 119S  D OWL  33.3  13.0 on 9.5  16.5  65 

20" Size Tires

Tire Size Service Description Load
Overall Dia
Section Width on
Meas. Rim(inch)
Depth (1/32")
U.T.Q.G. Tire Weight
LT355/50R20 122S  D OWL  34.0  14.2 on 10.5  17.9  76 
LT355/60R20 122S  D OWL  36.8  14.2 on 10.5  17.9  80.6 
LT325/60R20 120S  D OWL  35.3  13.0 on 9.5  16.6  70.1 

22" Size Tires

Tire Size Service Description Load
Overall Dia
Section Width on
Meas. Rim(inch)
Depth (1/32")
U.T.Q.G. Tire Weight
LT325/50R22 121S  D OWL  34.8  13.2 on 9.5  16.6  71.5 


Manufacturer Contact Info:

Kumho Tires
14605 Miller Ave
Fontana, CA 92336



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This tire performs exceptionally well in this terrain.  Among the best suited for this terrain.

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