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Rausch Creek Offroad Park - Joliett, Pennsylvania

     Every year an Offroad shop in Stewartsville New Jersey, OK Auto 4WD & Tire, organizes a spring time offroad event somewhere in the northeast.  This spring, OK held their event in a new location at a park that has recently become popular, Rausch Creek Offroad Park.  Rausch Creek Offroad Park is located in Joliett, PA. in the heart of Pennsylvania anthracite coal country.  OK's event, named 4x4 Tour 2006, was held over the weekend of April 29-30 and as the weekend approached the weather was looking to be great with cool temps and clear skies in the forecast.  The day of the event brought over 100 4x4 vehicles of all makes and models and a weekend of 4x4 fun in the warm sun ensued.  Our group was one of several that snake its way through the park encountering all types of terrain from mud to rocks to boulders to scenic trails.  Several of our group snapped several hundred pictures, capturing the moments of action.


4x4 Tour 2006 Hosted by:






Rausch Creek Offroad Park

OK 4x4 Tour Staging Area
Onto the Trails / Log Bridge
Rock Crawling 1
Rock Crawling 2 / Lunch
Rock Crawling 3
Valley Trails / Mud
Campground / Raffle





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