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Offroaders Guide
to Gearing up
for Offroad

From Basic Equipment to Well Equipped.  An extensive list guide to help you prepare your vehicle for the offroad.






Finally we were onto the Trails. 
A recently installed Detroit Locker, installed in the rear Dana 44 of my Jeep (the Yellow CJ-7), paid for itself with the first entry onto the trails with a long steep assent where I had to stop midway up due to a traffic jam.  On the restart I felt that Detroit lock and grab, a nice feeling.


Our first obstacle of choice was this Log Bridge Crossing.  It consisted of little more than 6 logs wired together with old, rusty cable that flexed nicely when a rig drove over it.  Watching the spotter was a good idea as you crossed since the wheel to wheel width of the Jeeps crossing was narrow enough where you were treading on an inner log and if not careful... well... it wouldn't be pretty.









Rausch Creek Offroad Park
OK 4x4 Tour Staging Area
Onto the Trails / Log Bridge
Rock Crawling 1
Rock Crawling 2 / Lunch
Rock Crawling 3
Valley Trails / Mud
Campground / Raffle





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