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Offroaders Guide
to Gearing up
for Offroad

From Basic Equipment to Well Equipped.  An extensive list guide to help you prepare your vehicle for the offroad.






As we continued one by one up this tricky hill, we all made it up in one piece.  My yellow CJ-7 did make contact with the tree though.  Nothing serious, just a minor battle wound.  See below...


Battle wounds.  As I passed the stump, the rear tire either hit the stump or bounced off a rock, which kicked the rear of the Jeep towards the tree.  The Warrior 1/4 panel guards did their job and deflected the hard hit with minimal damage.  A small dent and scrapped paint job.  I wanted to get a small Rausch Creek sticker and slap it over the damage but they didn't have any small enough.
Around 12:30 we stopped for a lunch break.  Mike picked a nice spot right in front of a nice waterfall-like rock climb in a small clearing.

Back on the trails.




Rausch Creek Offroad Park
OK 4x4 Tour Staging Area
Onto the Trails / Log Bridge
Rock Crawling 1
Rock Crawling 2 / Lunch
Rock Crawling 3
Valley Trails / Mud
Campground / Raffle





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