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After a long day on the trails of Rausch Creek we were heading back to camp.  We were in no hurry to get back and took our time trolling along the lesser challenging trails at a slow pace.  This was nice.  Just a low gear, steady trek back to camp.

Early CJ from the rear...

...YJ from the front

This YJ was powered by Propane.

busted breakline

Hydraulic Steering, behind the diff.


Rausch Creek provides primitive camp grounds where people setup camp in tents and campers.  Some camps had camp fires going and grills cooking up dinner after a long day of rock crawling.  We were camped out at the base of the large staging area overlooking the valley.
Our camp consisted of 3 tents and a Jeep trailer converted into picnic bench.  Our Colman grill cooked up some great burgers.

The surrounding pictures were some experimentation with the exposure on the camera.  The result was some cool shots capturing the sparks in the fire.



Sunday Morning Raffle and Trail Ride - The chilly Sunday morning air got everyone up and moving early especially those who camped in tents.  Everywhere people were cooking breakfast foods and the smell of bacon and eggs hung in the air.  OK4WD held a raffle and gave away some great prizes, including a set of Offroad lights.  I was surprised to hear my name get called out for the raffle on the lights.  Thanks for that OK!  The rest of the morning people were either gearing up for a 2nd day on the trails or were packing up for the ride home.
OK Auto, 4WD and Tire
2621 State Route 57
Stewartsville, NJ 08886
908.454.6973 sales@ok4wd.com
web: www.ok4wd.com






Rausch Creek Offroad Park
OK 4x4 Tour Staging Area
Onto the Trails / Log Bridge
Rock Crawling 1
Rock Crawling 2 / Lunch
Rock Crawling 3
Valley Trails / Mud
Campground / Raffle



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