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   Project CJ-7

An ongoing Budgeted Rebuild/Build up of a Rock Crawling Machine.

Road Trip to Centralia, PA
- Underground Mine Fires Plague a tiny town. The Story...

Ramp Travel Index
RTI / Ramp Travel Index  What it is and how to calculate it, with and without the ramp.

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Welcome to our 4x4 Photo Album

Enjoy the 
Pictures and Stories 
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The following links are pages of our photo album. Each link is based on a date and a place. These trips happen several times a year and photos as well as stories are put together here in the album.  Each date and place will probably have several sub pages to browse.

Many great pictures are always being added even from past trips since sometimes it's hard to get them all together at once. As a result keep checking back. Our web site is always undergoing changes for the better with additions periodically.

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Off-Road Lights
by LightForce Product Review / Installation.
from Off-Road Lights

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