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Paragon Adventure Park

Trip date - April 25, 2004
Destination - Hazelton PA - Paragon Adventure Park

Take three days out of the spring of 2004, put them in the beautiful coal regions of the Appalachian Mountains at a place called Paragon Adventure Park.  Now have one of the best 4 Wheel Drive parts and service businesses in the northeast host the event. The result would be Rock Krawl 2004.  With perfect temperatures, plenty of sun and fun, this year's Rock Krawl was hosted by OK Auto 4WD & Tire and held on the 24th and 25th of April at Paragon Adventure Park in Hazleton, Pennsylvania. With plenty of trails ranging from low difficulty to extreme constantly being added to this ever growing park, Paragon is never the same park from one year to the next.  Our group of 4x4's tackled some of the moderate trails in the park for much of a perfect Saturday afternoon.  The day kicked off with a catered breakfast at the staging area, and ended with a catered dinner and a raffle under the big white tent.  The following pages of pictures details some of the action of the day.



Paragon Adventure Park

Paragon Adventure Park is the nationís premier ATV / Motorbike / SUV / 4x4 off -road facility. Located only two hours from NYC and Philadelphia near Hazelton Pa, Paragon offers over 130 miles of trails ranging from the Mild to the Wild.

For more information on trail rides at Paragon Adventure Park please visit their web site:

Paragon Adventure Park
598 Oak Ridge Road
Hazleton, Pennsylvania 18202
Phone: 570- 384-0550


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This year's Rock Krawl was a 3 day event, which began on a Friday afternoon with the Twilight Trail Ride. Our group's day began on Saturday morning with our arrival around 7am at Paragon's Staging area.  Soon after breakfast was served with a great selection of catered eats under the big white tent.  With a 9am departure to hit the trails, everyone was prepping and breaking down into groups.  Our group of about 12 to 15 vehicles was set for a day on the moderate trails of Paragon. 

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