Paragon  Adventure  Park,  Hazleton,  Pennsylvania

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Paragon Adventure Park

As our Mud tires hooked around this corner, we slipped down an off camber hill leaning towards a tree that was leaning towards us.  Then we dipped down into a steam and out the other side.  Our trail guide for the day was kind enough to keep an eye on the Jeep soft tops as not to hook it on the tree on the way down.

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Nothing dresses up a Jeep
like a set of 
Super Swamper Boggers
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Nice View looking up and down the pipeline.

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After a day's worth of trail riding, it was great not to have to worry about where dinner was coming from.  OK was on top of it with a catered dinner under the big white tent.  

That phone # is 908 area code.  Hey Jim, you need to make that area code larger!
You're not in Stewartsville NJ today, Jim ;-)


Jim from OK MC'ed the evening's scavenger hunt results and raffle. Our group won the deck of cards scavenger hunt with the most cards found, winning each driver a really cool OK 4WD folding chair.  Among the bootie won in the raffle was a Warn winch and a truck tool box as well as gift certificates ranging in the hundreds of dollars each along with dozens of other prizes.  Summed up, it was a great day.  Definitely well worth the trip and price of admission. really knows how to have fun.  Looking forward to Fall Krawl!

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