Paragon  Adventure  Park,  Hazleton,  Pennsylvania

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Paragon Adventure Park

As our trail guide lead the group, we were having some fun with a scavenger hunt that OK4WD came up with for the groups during their trail rides Saturday.  The idea was to find as many playing cards from 3 decks that were placed throughout the park and also locate some items such as the "best" broken u-joint part, the whitest rock, the largest crayfish.  At the end of the day prizes would be given out to the winners.

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These locations are always fun.  Places where an obstacle has to be crossed or cleared and everyone gets a chance to park and jump out as a spectator and take some pictures.  Our first obstacle was this water crossing.

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This water crossing wasn't too bad for the 4x4s like these Jeeps - about 2 - 3 feet deep and predictable.  But it was a different story for the Quads that followed up behind our group.  At three feet deep that was about as tall as one of these Quads and this river crossing was a considerable challenge for them.  Just check out the pictures below.

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