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Jeep FJ-3, FJ-6, FJ-8 FJ-9 Fleetvan

The forgotten Jeep - Few remember the Jeep of deliveries past in the Jeep models FJ-3, FJ-3A, FJ-6 and FJ-6A Fleetvan.  Most FJ Fleetvans are gone making them a rare sight, especially in a restored or running state. 

FJ-3 and FJ-3A Fleetvan


FJ-6 Jeep Fleetvan
FJ-6 Jeep Fleetvan above & below

The Jeep FJ-3 Fleetvan was a compact delivery van manufactured by Willys Motors and Kaiser-Jeep from 1961 to 1965.   (FJ-3 Fleetvan pictured to the right).

The FJ Fleetvan was based on the DJ-3A Dispatcher, but equipped with the F-134 Hurricane engine. Two models of the FJ-3 were available, the FJ-3 and the longer FJ-3A. It came standard with the familiar Borg-Warner T-90 three-speed manual transmission. A Borg-Warner automatic was offered as an option.  Right-hand-drive FJ-3s were made for the U.S. Postal Service. Most of these had horizontal grille slats in contrast to the seven vertical slats found on standard Jeep models.

The FJ-3 Fleetvan was produced first as the FJ-3 right-hand-drive postal delivery vehicle. The FJ-3 was only 135 inches long and shorter than the 154 inch long FJ-3A, but was both the FJ-3 and FJ-3A were rated for 1000 pound payload.  FJ-3 Fleetvans are identifiable by its horizontal grille slots and RHD.

The FJ-3A had an additional 19 inches of rear overhang, with an overall length of 154 inches on an 81-inch wheelbase.  While the FJ-3 and FJ-3A may appear to be a large vehicle, it was actually quite compact as you can see in by the Jeep vehicle wheelbase comparison below (Willys brochure).

Jeep FJ-3/FJ-3A
Manufacturer Willys Motors
Also called Fleetvan
Production 1961-65
Assembly Toledo, Ohio
Successor FJ-6
Class Compact van
Engine(s) F4-134 Hurricane
Wheelbase 81 in
Length 135 in (FJ-3)
154 in (FJ-3A)
Width 64.7 in
Height 90.1 in

U.S. Postal FJ-3

FJ-3 Delivery Van


1961 Jeep Willys Fleetvan FJ-3A folder brochure
It includes several pictures and specifications including information on the 'Jeep' 4-Cylinder F-Head "Hurricane" Engine. It measures to 8.5" x 3.75" folded and 17 x 8 unfolded with print on both sides.  Found on EBay.


FJ-6 and FJ-6A Fleetvan

An FJ-6 model was introduced in 1965 for postal use.  The FJ-6 was built on a CJ-6 chassis and was equipped with the F-134 Hurricane engine. Two models of the FJ-6 were available, the FJ-6 and the longer FJ-6A. It came standard with the familiar Borg-Warner T-90 three-speed manual transmission. A Borg-Warner automatic was offered as an option. The FJ Fleetvans were 2 wheel drive and came equipped with a Dana 44 rear axle.  The driver of the FJ-3 and FJ-6 Fleetvans could drive sitting or standing up.


1964 FJ-6

1964 FJ-6

1964 FJ-6


FJ-8, FJ-8A, FJ-8C and FJ-9 Fleetvan

On April 1, 1971, AM General Corporation was incorporated as a wholly owned subsidiary of the American Motors Corporation and separate from the Jeep Corporation. This move was initiated to give independent status to AM General to fulfill the special transportation requirements of the U.S. Government and pursue further diversification.

In 1975 the FJ-8 3/4-ton series and FJ-9 1-ton series Postal Service vans  ultimately replaced FJ-6.  In all, 35,000 3/4-ton and 4,000 1-ton vans were delivered to the U.S. Postal Service and other commercial users. 

These step vans have become a staple of independent ice cream companies. But there are still quite a few out there on mail routes.

FJ-8 3/4-ton series
Postal Service van
FJ-9 1-ton series
Postal Service van
Jeep Fleetvan Production - 1961-1975

Fleetvan Models  

  • FJ-3
  • FJ-3A
  • FJ-6
  • FJ-6A
  • FJ-8
  • FJ-8A
  • FJ-8C
  • FJ-9

Wheelbase comparison, Lower-right FJ-3A Fleetvan

1961 Jeep Fleetvan FJ3A Delivery Truck Brochure (click for a larger image)


The set of photos below are from the "Images in Time" collection at the Toledo Lucas County Public Library capturing the details of an FJ-3A.

U.S. Mail FJ-3

U.S. Mail FJ-3

U.S. Mail FJ-3

The photos below were of a FJ-6 Fleetvan that was restored to a very clean condition spotted in the Lancaster PA area in 2007.




Bruce Roosa's
1961 Willys Fleetvan
This is a 1961 Willys Fleetvan. They were once used by the postal service for local delivery of the mail. The driver stands to operate the vehicle so he/ she can lean out and put the mail in a curbside box. I remember these from my own childhood. Ours will enjoy a street rod style build, with a narrowed Ford 9", 350/350, Heidt's front end, Chassis Engineering leaf springs in the rear, and of course, the Omni steering rack from RJay's.
The little truck is being built by my high school students in a course called Integrated Metals Tech, which is basically a hot rod class.
click to enlarge
Funding for the project is coming from me since I'll own the finished car. We've got the car completely disassembled at this point, the body has been media blasted, the frame is sandblasted and wearing the leaf springs. The rear end is out at Currie Enterprises being narrowed, and we're cutting out our boxing plates and doing some patch panels to replace a relatively small amount of rust along the lower panels. We'll be chopping the top a whopping 14" by removing the side panels and fabricating new sheet metal to replace them. A number of our local shops and individuals have been very helpful to us by offering to come in and do workshops on body work and suspension, and eventually painting. If you're in the market for some shifter knobs for your shop, just let me know.  - Regards, Bruce



1961 Willys FJ-3A Fleet Van
1961 Willys FJ3. 4 cyl. 138 cubic inch "Hurricane" partnered with a Borg Warner T90 automatic transmission. The "Beast" just finished a 2+ year rebuild. All rusted thru exterior panels were removed and replaced with Stainless Steel prior to a full paint. All the interior panels were removed, sand blasted, sealed, painted, and reassembled. After the body was finished I started work on the machine itself. It has rebuilt brake and master cylinders. New brake shoes (and a second complete set) and emergency brake cable. New plugs, wires, points, condenser, battery and cables, etc.... Rebuilt Carter carb and valves have been adjusted. It also has new tail lights, signals, signal lever, and new wiring to them. New tires and wheels.



1964 Willys FJ-3A Fleet Van

Owner: Bryan K. - Heres a pic of my 1964 Willys Jeep Fleetvan, cant find these on the road every day. runs and drives great. Original motor & trans, putting disk brakes on it know, rears complete cost 350.00, need to complete front Very Rare 1964 Willys FJ-3A.

Noted as one of the most unsuccessful Willys, the Fleet Vans were based on a two-wheel drive DJ-3A Dispatcher and were mainly produced for the U.S. Postal Service.



1962 Willys FJ-3A Fleet Van
This Jeep FJ-3 Fleetvan was seen on EBay and sold for $5101. The Jeep FJ-3 Fleetvan was a compact delivery van manufactured by Willys Motors and Kaiser-Jeep from 1961 to 1965. This FJ-3 is equipped with the F-134 Hurricane engine. Borg-Warner T-90 three-speed manual transmission. The FJ-3 is only 135 inches long and is rated for 1000 pound payload.  This FJ-3A was sold out of Central Valley NY.





FJ-6 Jeep Fleetvan
FJ-6 Jeep Fleetvan above,
FJ-3 Jeep Fleetvan below

More information on the FJs can be found on Derek Redmon's CJ-3B web site.

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