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Jeep Project CJ-7

An ongoing Budgeted Rebuild/Build up of a Rock Crawling Machine.

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Jeep Dana 300 TeraLow - 4:1 Gearset for the Dana 300 Transfer Case




The NV4500 Manual Transmission

The NV4500 Transmission, Information, Installations and Reviews

The NV4500 transmission is considered to be the toughest and most reliable 5 speed manual transmission ever built.  Robust and reliable, this 5 speed transmission was supplied in pickup trucks (up to 1 Ton) and is a popular replacement in older trucks with 4 speeds.  It is also a popular replacement for 5 speed transmissions used in other 1 ton trucks, such as the Ford ZF or the Getrag (as used in Dodge Diesels before Dodge went to the NV4500). It is also the most popular truck 5 speed to be used in building up extreme Jeeps, Broncos and other hard core short wheelbase off road vehicles.

  • Heavy duty top loading
  • Fully synchronized
  • Cast iron case
  • Aluminum top cover
  • Dual PTO ports
  • All helical gears
  • Granny low first gear for towing or off-road
  • Fifth gear overdrive for good gas mileage

The NV4500 transmission has a case length of just 12.37", making it the perfect transmission conversion for short wheel base vehicles such as Jeeps, Broncos and Toyota Land Cruisers.

NV4500's are great replacement in older trucks with 4 speeds, plus it is also a popular replacement for 5 speed transmissions used in newer trucks. If you happen to have a Dodge 3/4 or 1 ton truck with one of the weak GETRAG transmissions, then the NV4500 transmission is the answer to your problem. . The NV4500 has stronger gears, better case and improved bearings, plus it evens allows you to retain your stock clutch setup.

The NV4500 transmission can be adapted to practically any application. Itís often cheaper to swap in a NV4500 into a Jeep instead of rebuilding the problematic factory Jeep transmission. PLUS, it's an easy swap when you use a Dodge version of the NV4500 transmission, because all thatís needed is a bell housing adapter plate. Additionally, on Dana 300 applications the Dodge version is preferable because the adapter requires a Dodge output shaft, and utilizes a stock Dodge 4x4 tail housing. The stock 23-spline input gear for the Dana 300 is retained, and the tail housing bolts directly to the mounting face of the Dana 300 transfer case.

There are plenty of adapters and conversion packages packages available to install the NV4500 transmissions into virtually any vehicle.

A cutaway view of the 2wd style NV4500 as found in GM applications. Image courtesy of GM Powertrain.

NV4500: General Information:

In 1992 Dodge and General Motors trucks started appearing in showrooms with one of the most versatile transmissions ever to be offered in a production truck: the New Venture Gear 4500. General Motors applications include it as an option in 3/4 and 1-ton full size trucks.  Dodge standard duty units come in trucks with the 5.2 and 5.9 liter engine, while Dodge HD versions are used with Cummins diesels and V10ís.

This transmission is a fully synchronized (except reverse on GM models) five-speed gearbox with all of the strength and low-gear benefits (and then some) of the older granny four-speeds, with a 27-percent overdrive. The cast iron case is combined with massive gear sets in an almost compact 200lb package. This unit shifts with a smooth, short action and very distinct shift gates. We consider it the premium manual trans swap for 4x4 vehicles.

Gear Ratios:

Current production Dodge NV4500 and GM NV4500 share the same gear ratios. Early GM units (93-94) were built with a lower first gear ratio of 6.34 to 1.0. These low-geared GM boxes have since been discontinued and are generally much more difficult to obtain. We are able to provide new and remanufactured NV4500s with these early gearsets.

Beginning in 95í, all GM units were built with the same gear ratios as the Dodge unit.

  GM 93-94 95/up GM; 93/up Dodge
First Gear 6.34 5.61
Second Gear 3.44 3.04
Third Gear 1.71 1.67
Fourth Gear 1.00 1.00
Fifth Gear 0.73 0.73
Reverse 6.34 5.61


Dry weight: 195 lbs.
Oil capacity: 1 gallon
Rated GVW: 14,500 lbs.
Case material: cast iron
Synchronizers: Carbon fiber composite
Main/Counter shaft bearings: Timken tapered roller


NV4500 GM (6.34) GM (5.61) Dodge Dodge HD
Main case 12.375" 12.375" 12.375" 12.375"
4WD Adapter Housing 8.125 8.125 6.25 6.25
2WD Tailhousing 6" Tailhousing 6" Tailhousing 13" Tailhousing 13" Tailhousing
Yoke Fixed Yoke Fixed Yoke 30 spl Slip yoke 31 spl Slip yoke
Input shaft stickout 6.625 6.625 7.625 7.625
Input shaft spline 1.125" 10spl 1.125" 10spl 1.125" 10spl 1.250" 10spl
Pilot Dia .590" .590" .750" .750"


Bearing Retainer specification


Bellhousing T/O bearing
Index Dia. Snout Dia.
GM NV4500  1993-95 5.125" 1.373"
GM NV4500  1996 and up 5.60" none: Int Slave Cyl
Dodge NV4500 Standard Duty 5.60" 1.43"
Dodge NV4500 Heavy Duty 5.60" 1.75

Bellhousing Bolt Pattern:

  • GM 1993-1995  10.078 across the top, 10.394 across the bottom, 4.685 vertically
  • GM 1996 + up   10.078 across the top, 9.738 across the bottom, 6.043 vertically
  • Dodge (All)        10.078 across the top, 9.738 across the bottom, 6.043 vertically

Shifter Stub Specification

The NV4500 shifter will have a short stub sticking up from the top cover, There are 3 different methods by which a shifter extension handle attaches:

  • Dodge NV4500 1993-1999   A short, square stub sticks up
  • Dodge NV4500 1999-up        Threaded stub, 14mm x 1.5 pitch threads
  • GM NV4500 (All)                      Threaded stub, 12mm x 2.0 pitch threads 

You MUST use the correct synthetic lubricant. The GM part no. for the correct oil is 12346190 (quart). The Dodge part number for the same oil is 4874459   Use of ANY other oil in the NV4500 will lead to failure and also voids any chance of a warranty claim.

NV4500 Conversions for Diesel, Gas, 2WD & 4WD
High Impact Transmission and Gear - Focused on building "Engineered Conversion Systems" for do-it-yourself installation. Free Consultation & Technical Support.

Jeep Transmissions Conversions: NV4500
Installing an NV4500 in your Jeep vehicle, the ultimate manual transmission.

Manual transmission parts, rebuild kits and overhaul kits for the NV4500 - A complete line of transmission parts, rebuild and overhaul kits to help you with manual transmission problems NV4500.

Installation Articles NV4500 Overdrive Transmission

Novak Conversions - New Venture 4500
The Novak Guide to the NV4500 Transmission

NV4500 Conversion in a Toyota Land Cruiser
Information and installation notes

Rebuilding an NV4500 Manual Transmission
A Four Wheeler Magazine article all about how they rebuilt an old NV4500 Manual Transmission.

NV4500 Transmissions, Adapters, NV4500 Conversion Kits - NV4500 Transmissions available in 2WD, 4WD, Gas or Diesel Applications from NV4500.com

Project Jeep Therapy: NV4500 Conversion
"One-ton dually, I think" he replied. My heart beat faster. "Only has a couple thousand miles on it"

NV4500 Specs from the 1994-2002 Dodge Ram

High-Impact NV4500 Conversion Packages


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