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Mine Fire Hot Spot
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Knoebels Amusement Park (only 15 miles from Centralia!) 
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Centralia in HDR

July 2006 360? Virtual Tour of Downtown Centralia PA

Centralia's Neighbor:
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Zeisloft's Mobil
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July 5th 2008
Centralia PA

Centralia PA 2008
January Photos and 
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Donald Davis

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360 Degree Virtual Tours of Centralia PA

Fire In The Hole
by Kristie Betts
A fictional story based on Centralia

The Little
Town That Was

by Donald Hollinger


RESIDENTS TO SAVE THE BOROUGH OF CENTRALIA - FACT SHEET #6 - MARCH 1984 - This "Fact Sheet" was transcribed from a photocopied, original March 1984 newsletter from a Centralia organization called "Residents To Save The Borough Of Centralia".  Read the News Letter here

130th Anniversary
of the 1877 Shamokin Uprising and the Great Railroad Strike .. Read More


Centralia Today
A Photo Documentary
of Centralia today.


Mine Emergency Response Program
Details from the
Mine Rescue Manual



The following "Fact Sheet" was transcribed from a photocopied, original March 1984 newsletter from a Centralia organization called "Residents To Save The Borough Of Centralia".  This newsletter provides an interesting perspective into the struggle of the residents of Centralia and the Centralia Mine Fire.




    Totally committed to the preservation of our community, we have requested the Federal and State agencies (OSM & DER) to provide funding for and expeditiously implement a method, other than trenching, to insure our communities a safe environment and protection of our properties.  RSBC will pressure our local government to forbid any contemplated trenching within the Borough.  For over a year records prove temperatures in Centralia have remained stable and have been reduced in many areas while fire is moving much slower than expected in the vicinity of Byrnesville, a perfect time to utilize one of the many low cost protective options available. 

    Given the right to remain in our communities we also have the right to be protected. 

    Keeping Route 61 open is an ongoing concern and one shared by businesses throughout the area.  The closing of the Byrnesville road and the continued closing and opening of our main highway causes great anguish to residents who must go miles out of the way to reach their destinations, which in some instances may be only several hundred yards.  The steam and stench eminating from this area are ever present health and safety hazards.  We question the real reason behind the 'do nothing - pack em up and move em out' attitude of the many factions involved in our situation.

    Six years of meeting, studies, surveys, engineering evaluations, borehole analyses, relocation projects, referendums, petitions, mind manipulating tactics, exploitation by every conceivable source and still the root of the problem remains ignored.  Since 1978 nothing has been done to prevent the effects of the mine fire from threatening our communities, a mind boggling blatant violation of our right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.  We cannot help questioning the integrity of government agencies who consistantly ignore these rights and allow this farce to continue. 

    Supplied with updated facts, the danger to our community has been grossly exaggerated.  Relocating residents is not a solution.  Treating the symptoms and ignoring the cause to the tune of millions of dollars spent and contemplated being spent is one more injustice shouldered by the taxpayers of this nation .

Mr. James Buckley, Bloomsburg, a former resident of Centralia and a 1981 relocatee, has informed us he is very eager to move back into the community and wishes to purchase a three bedroom home.  Please contact us is property is available.

Principles to live by from the written creeds of John D. Rockefeller Jr.

I BELIEVE in the supreme worth of the individual and in his right to life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness.

I BELIEVE that the law was made for man and not man for the law; that government is the servant of the people and not their master.

I BELIEVE that truth and justice are fundamental to enduring social order.

I BELIEVE that love is the greatest things in the worlds; that it alone can overcome hate; that right can and will triumph over might.

The following is an update on the Centralia borehole temperatures recorded and supplied by DER personell.  Additional boreholes have been added to present a thorough picture of conditions in the mine fire affected area.  Borehole map included (below).

Back of Peach St. (Former Gas Station to Park St.)
Borehole Previous High Latest Temp.
N1 Sept. '83 120 Mar. '84 114
N2    "  ' 120  "  ' 123
N3 Aug.  ' 112  "  ' 118
N4   "  '  92  "  '  35
N5   "  '  78  "  '  37
N6 Oct  '  56  "   '  57


East Park Street (Loc. Ave. to end of Park St.)
Borehole Previous High Latest Temp.
N10 Sept. '83  74 Mar. '84  58
N11  "  '  82  "  '  72
N12  "  '  82  "  '  76
N13 July  '  97  "  '  54
N14  "  ' 118  "  ' 101
N15  "  ' 137  "  ' 100
N16  "  ' 106  "  '  94
N17  "  ' 116  "  ' 108
N18 Oct.  ' 193  "  ' 192
N19 July  ' 103  "  '  51
N20 Jan. '84 66  "  '  61
N23 May '83 220  "  ' 187
N27 Oct. '82 238  "  ' 190
N29 Dec. '82 426  "  ' 387


Wood St. (Park St. to East of Anth. Gaughan Home)
Borehole Previous High Latest Temp.
N26 Apr. '83 247 Mar. "84 170
N22  "  ' 701  "  ' 665
N25 Mar.  ' 544  "  ' 470
N44  "  ' 244  "  ' 180
M2 Oct. '82 504  "  ' 416
N43 Feb. '83 568  "  ' 483
M4 May  ' 195  "  ' 193
M3 July  ' 148  "  ' 131
X33  "  ' 145  "  ' 129


West South Street (vicinity of bleeder pipe)
Borehole Previous High Latest Temp.
X1 May '83 155 Mar. '84 136
X2 July  ' 148  "  ' 133
X6 May  ' 183  "  ' 160


Locust Avenue (200 block)
Borehole Previous High Latest Temp.
DT-1 Sept '83  77 Mar. '84  64
DT-2 Sept  ' 142  "  ' 129


West Park St. (K-9 to Loc. Ave.)
Borehole Previous High Latest Temp.
N7 Sept. '83 69 Mar. '84 55
N8  "  ' 70  "  ' 58
N9  "  ' 91  "  ' 60


Poplar Alley (Back of St. Peter and Paul Church)
Borehole Previous High Latest Temp.
N21 Apr. '83 386 Mar. '84 352
N24 Mar.  ' 742  "  ' 461
N33  "  ' 614  "  ' 523
N35 Aug.  ' 587  "  ' 450


Fenced in lot
Borehole Previous High Latest Temp.
N30 Mar. '83 800 Mar. '84 630
N31 Aug.  ' 794  "  ' 725
N32  "  ' 670  "  ' 582


East of fenced in lot
Borehole Previous High Latest Temp.
N36 Nov. '82 630 Mar. '84 506
N37  "  ' 180  "  ' 47
N38 Feb. '83 307  "  ' 184
N39 Aug.  ' 176  "  ' 165
N40  "  ' 186  "  ' 107
N41  "  ' 420  "  ' 412
N42  "  ' 310  "  ' 248
N45 Mar.  ' 387  "  ' 308
N46 July  ' 256  "  ' 243
N47  " '82 191  "  ' 175
N48  "  ' 203  "  ' 195
N49 Dec.  ' 399  "  ' 203
N50 May '83 240  "  ' 221
N51 Jan.  ' 404  "  ' 357
N52 July  ' 244  "  ' 209
N34 Nov. '82 118  "  ' 109


Apple Alley (C. Womer's back fence to Park St.)
Borehole Previous High Latest Temp.
X7 Sept. '83 153 Mar. '84 130
X26 Mar.  ' 203  "  ' 181
TH6 Sept.  ' 162  "  ' 153
N56 April  ' 169  "  '  47
X19 Sept.  ' 206  "  ' 202
N54 Oct.  ' 196  "  ' 197
X8 July  ' 213  "  ' 157
N53 May  ' 170  "  ' 176
N28 Sept.  ' 108  "  '  90


Borehole map (Click to enlarge)



                                                                                " W H E R E ' S    T H E    F I R E ? "

    Wouldn't it be ironic if after scores of people were relocated, the fire would consume itself as suggested by the above temperatures?

    In the last seven months there have been only two alarm soundings (at the same residence), the latest attributable to an automobile engine running, for an extended period of time, adjacent to the residence.  This conclusion was made by Paul Hummell DER Investigator and mine inspector.

    For the past seven months gas readings continue to remain stable; further proof of the lessening threat to our community.

    Mr. Al Patrick of Allied Gas Co., Mt. Carmel, reported on March 26, 1984, the temperatures of the natural gas line continue to remain stable.  The readings over the past week have decreased slightly in all testing areas. 

The following are district quotes from interview conducted the week of Mar. 26, 1984.

Bruce Dallas - DER Press Secretary - Harrisburg:

    "The Commonwealth will not abandon the people who remain in Centralia.  The mine fire WILL be addressed and at this point no option has been selected.  The State, honestly, is not trying to frighten people into moving.  Money not used for relocation will be reserved for future mine fire abatement measures and not transferred to other state projects.  It is to be used solely for Centralia."

Raymond Lowrie - Administrator of Eastern Technical Center, Pittsburgh:

    "OSM's role will be working with the state, processing the grant and offering technical advice.  In several weeks 5 or 6 boreholes will be drilled in the Big Mine Run area to make sure fire has not advanced into the Bast mine.

Declarations of intent were gratiously given by the following residents:

Howard Benfield - Commander of Centralia American Legion:

    "We are definitely staying.  As long as there are people, there will be a Legion."

Joseph Stasulli - Owner and Operator of Dee Fashions:

    "I'm satisfied here.  I'm staying as long as I can - until I am forced out."

Mrs. Josephine Bergan - Meyer Street:

    "I'm happy & contented where I am and I am going to stay."

    Officers on the Administrative Boards of both United Methodist and St. Peter and Paul's Russian Orthodox churches stated there is a profound desire to stay and continue to serve the spiritual needs of their congregations; however, the future of both churches depends on the number of parishioneers who will be remaining in Centralia.

    We gratefully acknowledge our many moral and financial supporters for making possible our fact sheets.

Residents to Save the Borough of Centralia

100_4413.jpg (58205 bytes)
sink-hole.jpg (4356 bytes)

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The Real Disaster Is Above Ground: A Mine Fire and Social Conflict



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Plan your visit around one of Pennsylvania's best kept secrets located only 15 miles up the road from Centralia...

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Mine Fire Hot Spot
Downtown Centralia Mainstreet Centralia Damaged Hillside
  Centralia Infrared

Centralia PA in B&W Infrared
Infrared Photography
by Donald Davis

Video Tour
in Infrared of
Centralia PA
by Donald Davis


The Little Town That Was
by Donald Hollinger
Made in U.S.A. - 1987 movie that was filmed on location in Centralia PA See the opening Scene that started in Centralia during the peek of the mine fire disaster



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The Real Disaster Is Above Ground: A Mine Fire and Social Conflict

Is there Hope
for Centralia?


Through the use of Nitrogen-Enhanced foam the Pinnacle mine fire was extinguished by Cummins Industries, Inc.  Cummins proposes to tackle the Centralia Mine fire and bring an end to the 
40 plus year fire.

Read this White Paper which evaluates the effectiveness of remotely applied nitrogen-enhanced foam to aid in efforts to isolate and suppress a mine fire.