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Centralia Pennsylvania

A 2005 Photo Documentary

Photos of an August 2005 trip to Centralia PA - The goal of this trip was to create a photographical document of Centralia as it is today.  Many of these images are "off the beaten path" with perspectives of streets that were once lined with homes, that today see very little traffic any more.  Many of the photos are aspects and elements of everyday life that link the past with what is most striking about Centralia, that which is missing.  Elements like sidewalks, curbs, public water, cut power lines and front steps to homes that have long since been razed.  Today Centralia is a grid-work of streets with only a few remaining homes scattered across town.  And the ever present fog of burning coal mines beneath the town that a brought an end to this small, hard working Pennsylvania community.
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PA 61 south.  Through Mt. Carmel and along a stretch of highway lined with active strip mines.  4 miles south of Mt. Carmel, you enter the Borough of Centralia.
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You pass a few homes.  Old, crumbling sidewalks line the streets.  The fields of grass and weeds on either side once had home after home along them.

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The surrounding photos are of what was once a center of activity.  A basketball court.  The old wooden bench still stands.  A large unlit lamp post leans.  In the distance, a swing set.


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Street after overgrown street that lead nowhere. 

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Above, the 
foundation of a home

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Deserted streets.  Empty sidewalks.  Electric poles that once supplied electricity to hundreds homes only a few short decades ago.

This page  of photos is from the northwest corner of town.

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