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Centralia Pennsylvania

A 2005 Photo Documentary


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Looking around at what was the center of town you find all that is left.  A maintained park bench, crumbling sidewalks, abandoned steps to what was once a home.

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Up above the home to the left smoke rises from the ground.  The fire is below.

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This newly installed monitor is labeled BAMR, which stands for Bureau of Abandoned Mine Reclamation.  Its located about 50 feet off of Rt. 61 and yet right above where the fire burns below.

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Above and below, the paved roadway towards the largest visible area of destruction.

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Above, a crack in the ground indicating that the ground is subsiding due to the coal burning away below.

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Above smoke rises about 100 feet from the cemetery.

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Several monitor pipes can be found in this area. 

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The proximity to occupied homes and the smoldering hillside can be seen in these photos. 

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These photos show some close up views of high concentrations of deposits left by the fumes and gases escaping the cracks the the ground.  This area was very hot and the gases in the air made it hard to breath.

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