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Centralia Pennsylvania

A 2005 Photo Documentary

Heading north on Locust Ave, you'll find the Centralia Municipal Building, which houses the non-existent Centralia Police Department and the firehouse with one fire truck and ambulance.  Even though it appears that the building is not occupied, the sound of the emergency channel echoes in the building. 


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Remnants of a picket fence

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These were bore holes that  served to monitor the fire below the towns streets.  They've since been capped and covered over because the fire has migrated to other areas.  

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Above and to the right, an apple tree that stands on what was a back yard.

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This is what was the foundation of the house with the apple tree.

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From the northwest corner of town, you can follow a windy road up the hill where you'll find this church.

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Continuing up along this windy road about a 1/4 mile, there are homes.  

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