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Offroaders Guide
to Gearing up
for Offroad

From Basic Equipment to Well Equipped.  An extensive list guide to help you prepare your vehicle for the offroad.




If you like Rock Crawling, Rausch Creek Offroad Park has plenty of rock trails.  More than what we expected.  One of the great things we discovered about Rausch Creek is the diversity of trail types.  While there were plenty of rock trails, many more challenging than these, there are also other types of trails in the park.  We found   mud trails that lined the valley floors that ranged fromeasy to moderate and we heard of some very challenging mud holes elsewhere in the park.   This area used to be an old coal strip mine.  As such, terrain varies quite a bit in a short distance with very scenic areas.





Rausch Creek Offroad Park
OK 4x4 Tour Staging Area
Onto the Trails / Log Bridge
Rock Crawling 1
Rock Crawling 2 / Lunch
Rock Crawling 3
Valley Trails / Mud
Campground / Raffle





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