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Coverage of the PA Jeeps 10th Annual

2005 All Breed Jeep Show, York PA

When you enter the fairgrounds, if you hung a left at the huge inflated TJ and followed the track you were in the swap meet / Vendors area.  Here, there were what seemed to be a few hundred vendors set up trying to sell their "Jeep Stuff".  Everything from parts to entire vehicles were for sale.  Many of the vendors were pro shops selling their services and specialty parts as well as many parts dealers like Superlift, Quadratec, Rusty's Off Road, OK Four Wheel Drive and more.  Some of the shops had their work on display which included many beautifully resorted classic vintage Jeeps as well as some seriously custom rigs like Rock Buggies and competition rigs. Even if you weren't shopping, it was worth a walk around to see what out there on the market and to see these rigs on display.


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Rumor has it, this Jeep was bought by Jim at Ok 4 Wheel Drive and will sit in the showroom sometime soon.

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We spied this "close tolerance" XJ.  It looked like less than an inch between that fender well and the AT tire.  While the suspension may swing back, it didn't look like it would clear if taken offroad.

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What the .....?

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A York Compressor 
for a few sawbucks.

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This Brute was up for Raffle!

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Jeeps lined up
for the Obstacle Course.

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Just off of the midway were several rock buggies on display as well as a few seriously modified Jeeps.  Later we saw some of these Rock machines up on the Rocks of the obstacle course.

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Quadratec had a booth setup with loads of show specials as well as a knowledgeable staff ready to answer questions.  They also had several cut-aways of drive train components such as a Detroit Locker and an Atlas transfer case that you could play around with and get some idea as to how they work internally.  Also displayed were some of the latest gadgets and innovations.
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Don't worry son, there's always next year.


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