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The Great American Jeep Rally

September 2005, Somers CT -  Proudly presented and sponsored by Baystate Jeepers and Northeast Jeep Organization, the 5th Annual Great American Jeep Rally was held at the Four Town Fairgrounds located in Somers Connecticut.  The show was a one-day event with about 600 Jeeps in attendance.  There were Jeeps from mild to wild, stock to extremely modified. For the adventurous, there was a rock garden set up for Jeepers to make there way through.  There were some people going over the course at slow speed wearing a blindfold of all things.  The local fire company was also in attendance and braved the course in their Unimog. 


Brad Reinboth of Telford PA trekked 6 hours up to Somers Connecticut in his Jeep CJ-7 to catch the Jeep Rally and make a weekend trip out of it.  Brad took these photos and graciously sent them to us for everyone to see.

Activities of the Day  included:  Rock garden, RTI ramps,  teeter-totter and multiple raffles will took place throughout the day. Items raffled off included a set of any size BFGoodrich tires, a Warn 9000 lb winch, a Detroit locker and many other cool things.  There were trophies awarded for Off-Road, Street, Beater, Antique, Military, and Best in Show.   Several vendors were there including the Bertera Metro Jeep displaying the latest and greatest Jeep vehicles and Elias 4 Wheel Drive Center as well as Domenicís Auto and Jeep Repair.  Food and beverage vendors were  also there to keep the masses happy. 

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