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Coverage of the PA Jeeps 10th Annual

2005 All Breed Jeep Show, York PA

July 2005, York PA. -  Possibly one of the largest Jeep Shows in the world, the PA Jeeps - All Breed Jeep Show has held its 10th annual event on July 23 & 24 of 2005 at the York Fairgrounds in York, PA..  Not surprisingly, the Jeep show was bigger and better than ever with hundreds of entries into the Show-N-Shine and over 80 Trophies awarded in 21 categories.    

The show also boasted a Quadratec sponsored sprawling obstacle course that included tall dirt mounds and large rock and boulder piles of varying degrees.  Off road, 4x4 and automotive related vendors lined the midways displaying their latest innovations and products.

All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage:
2007 All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage
12th Annual All Breed Jeep Show
It's been said that the PA Jeep All Breeds Jeep Show held annually in York PA is the largest Jeep show of it's kind in the country and that may very well be true, especially after attending this years 2-day event.  See the Full Report Here


All Breeds Jeep Show, York PA - 2006
One of our favorite events of the year is the PA Jeeps All-Breeds Jeep Show.  In it's 11th year, the show proved to be bigger and better than ever with hundreds of Jeeps on display in the infield as well as on display across the obstacle course. We meet Bree from JP Magazine and the Quadratec catalog See More! 
2002 All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage - The 7th Annual PA Jeeps Jeep Show in York PA.  Show and Shine, Obstacle Course
2001 All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage - The 6th Annual PA Jeeps Jeep Show in York PA.  Show and Shine, Obstacle Course


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Lining a long stretch of the fairgrounds was where you might find that Jeep part you've been looking for at the Swap Meet.  Everything from axles, dashboards, engine parts and body panels to entire Jeeps were for sale at bargain prices.  

Other events and attractions for the weekend included Slow Drags, RTI Ramp, Teeter-Totter, a large quantity of Off-Road equipment raffled, local Jeep dealers displaying new Jeeps and a family activities area for the young ones to have a little fun as well.  

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If the heat of the day started getting to you, you could always cool off with food and beverages from a number of fast food vendors then sit under the shaded grandstand of the fairgrounds arena.  In this shaded area you could cool off as you look down over the Show-n-Shine and the obstacle course before heading back out to the grounds where you'll never know what you might find.  

We spend our Saturday here at the All Breeds Jeep show and took a few hundred pictures of some of the events of the weekend for all the enjoy.  We even got some video of the obstacle course which we'll post in this write-up.

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Enjoy the pictures. All images in this section link to a larger image, just click it.  If you ever get a chance to catch this show, its worth the price of admission. Even if Jeeps aren't your thing, its fun to watch guys beat the crap out of their Jeeps on the rock piles!

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One of the crowd favorites was the Obstacle Course that took up about one half of the fairgrounds area dedicated to the Jeep Show.   Here, Jeep Show participants could get in line to take a shot at playing on the tall mounds of dirt or thrash their rig across the boulders as the crowd watch.  For most of the afternoon a long line of Jeeps stretched down the midway waiting for a shot at the obstacle course.  From the entrance area of the obstacle course you had your choice of mainly dirt obstacles or you could hit the boulder piles.  Most of the lesser modified rigs stuck to the dirt piles.  Below are a lot of images of the dirt mounds.

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In front of the obstacle course guys were lining up to take a crack at the ramp. 100_3521.jpg (85209 bytes) 100_3523.jpg (73641 bytes)

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