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Coverage of the PA Jeeps 7th Annual

All Breed Jeep Show, York PA

All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage:
2007 All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage
12th Annual All Breed Jeep Show
It's been said that the PA Jeep All Breeds Jeep Show held annually in York PA is the largest Jeep show of it's kind in the country and that may very well be true, especially after attending this years 2-day event.  See the Full Report Here

2002 All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage

Held in York PA this would be the 7th year of the All Breeds Jeep Show.  This Jeep show / Jeep event is fast becoming the most popular Jeep Show and Shine in the country.  With hundreds of Jeeps of every variety on show and a tough Rock garden and obstacle course, its well worth the trip if Jeeps are your thing. 

Events and attractions for the weekend included Slow Drags, RTI Ramp, Teeter-Totter, a large quantity of Off-Road equipment raffled, local Jeep dealers displaying new Jeeps and a family activities area for the young ones to have a little fun as well. 

Enjoy the pictures. All images in this section link to a larger image, just click it.  If you ever get a chance to catch this show, its worth the price of admission. Even if Jeeps aren't your thing, its fun to watch guys beat the crap out of their Jeeps on the rock piles!

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We love ingenuity.  We also love the weird and outrageous.  When you merge a Jeep YJ with a Duce-and-a-Half, you get this monstrosity.  



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The Jeep pictured on either side was in some sort of restoration process and only had half a body.

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Synthetic Winch Ropes.
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