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Coverage of the PA Jeeps 7th Annual

All Breed Jeep Show, York PA

To the right, the guy in the white Jeep was selling these 5 stock CJ sport chrome rims for 50 buck for the set of 5.  4 of them were 8x15 and the fifth was a 7x15.  These rims now reside on the Project CJ-7, wrapped in a set of Super Swamper SSR Mud Terrains.


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To the right, this Jeep had a diesel engine implanted in it.

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To the right this CJ-5 had a very retro paint job, which was probably not retro when it was painted onto the Jeep.  Judging by the age of the paint job, it was probably very "in" when it was done.  Still, it was very cool to see and with the V8 power plant it was even cooler.

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When you entered the York Fair Grounds , down to the left were dozens of people selling their Jeep parts, creating a fascinating Jeep parts yard sale where you never knew what you might find.


Businesses and vendors also lined the midways selling parts and services and had several cool demo models of their products on display like this  NV 4500 pictured below.  

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The Jeep to the right was in some sort of metamorphosis, and was either changing from a black Jeep into a yellow one of vise versa.

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A cool Willys Pickup
passing in the parking lot.

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