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A personal review of Dutch Wonderland in Lancaster PA

In the heart of Pennsylvania Dutch Country is an oasis of fun for kids.  Our family loves amusement parks with one of our all time favorite parks being the family friendly Knoebels in Elysburg PA.  We also love the Lancaster area and visit the region throughout the year.  We decided that when our youngest child was old enough, she will be turned 2 years old this summer, we were going to visit Dutch Wonderland.  We had read a variety of reviews on the web about the park, which is currently owned and operated by Hershey Entertainment and Resorts Company, the same company that runs Hershey Park in Pennsylvania.  Dutch Wonderland's motto "A Kingdom for Kids" is quite appropriate as the park is without a doubt geared for young kids between the ages of about 2 years to about the end of the pre-teen years.  Our visit was very enjoyable with little to complain about.  The park is clean with plentiful quality rides, food was good and reasonably priced and parking was free. Another big bonus was there were plenty of trees in the park to provide shade on our hot sunny day. 

Guests are greeted to the park by a grand, stone castle-like entrance, complete with a moat, which has been the original entrance since it was built by  Earl Clark, the original park owner, just prior to open the grand opening in 1963.  To the left of the castle is a pond with a mountain towering above it where Duke, a purple dragon lives.  Admission was reasonable compared to most parks with the cost at about $30 per person over 2 years old. 

From the perspective of a kid, Dutch Wonderland is like visiting a fairytale land.  Very colorful and entertaining.  From a parents perspective, it is enjoyable.  The park is not exceptionally huge with long walks to get around to all the rides.  Its is fairly compact, which is good for the younger children.


Dutch Wonderland has 34 rides and lots of games, most of which are geared towards younger children.  Our kids loved just about all of the rides that they went on.  We were there on a Saturday and there was a considerable number of people but lines were not long so we were able get around and go on plenty of rides.  Most of the ride are able to allow parents on as well so it worked out with our 2 year old on rides that we had to stay with her.  A few notable rides that our kids loved included the Double Splash Flume, the two side-by-side Fun Slides, the Joust Rollercoaster, the Monster Trucks, and Jessica's favorite, the merry-go-round or "the horsies" as she calls them.  They also had ponies of the real variety where kids could get a guided ride around on.  The train ride was a really nice ride around the park on an open canopy , old-time style miniature steam locomotive.  The Monorail as well as the sky ride give riders a view from above of all the parks rides and attractions. 

We also liked the old-time gas powered cars that kids can steer, through they are guided by a rail.  I do have to say that the loading area should be better ventilated because those old cars and their idling engines really stink up the waiting line area.  Someone sensitive to fumes might want to pass on this one if there isn't much of a breeze blowing.

The water park, named Duke's Lagoon, is also very much a kids water paradise with plenty of playground structures complete with water sprayers, water geysers and huge bucket dumps that will keep the kids cool on a hot day.  The flooring of the water playground area is a rubber matting material that is not only serves as padding but reduces the potential to slip (good for parents too!).  There's a few food stands in the water area as well as a changing area with lockers.  The water seems to be loaded with chlorine, which I guess is a good thing considering some of the kids are wearing diapers.




Kingdom Coaster

Kingdom Coaster is one of two roller coasters in the park with Joust being the other . This rollercoaster is probably the most "adult-like" ride in the park.  Built in 1992, this is a wooden rollercoaster painted blue and uses a single train.   There are no huge drops, there isn't much air-time, nor is it a very rough ride, which makes it suitable for children tall enough to ride.  Our 6 year old rode the Kingdom Coaster and did just fine.  For the adults, this is a mild but fun coaster.   The monorail runs through the structure of the coaster.  When we rode the monorail, we were in the front car with the monorail's driver.  He was telling us interesting things about the park and the monorail.  Near the coaster, he slowed the monorail allowing the Kingdom Coaster to pass by us with a roar.  That was neat.  Up until 2007, this coaster was named the Sky Princess.

Riding the Kingdom Coaster

Shows at Dutch Wonderland

Kids love a show.  We saw several, which were quite entertaining.  We saw the Thomas and Friends Live show which was located right next to the loading station for the train ride.  We also caught some of the Bubba Bear and the Badlands Band, which was an animated full-sized puppet show; animatronics I think they consider this type of presentation.  But the big show that we highly recommend to anyone going to Dutch Wonderland is "The Adventures of the Frog Prince".  This is a a high-dive water show that is not only entertaining in theatrics but stunning in the sport of diving and especially high-diving.  Make sure you are aware of the splash zone!

Another notable is the The Royal Rompers; a roving horn band that plays tunes and involves their audience in games and fun.  They were very animated and entertaining and played very well.   We had fun listening to their tunes and playing a guessing game. Later the lead person in the band walked by us and gave us a familiar "Hi" and node showing that he remembered our earlier participation in the fun.  This sort of thing is nice to see and shows that the employees actually enjoy what they are doing.  It seems like a small thing, but its memorable and we appreciated that.

We ate at a few places in the park including their delicious Kettle Popcorn, Turkey Hill Ice Cream and fresh cut French Fries.  For lunch we had planned to pack a good lunch and kept it out in the van in an ice cooler.  Dutch Wonderland will not allow you to bring food or drink into the park, although they do provide a picnic area with a large pavilion just outside of the park.  You can get hand stamped allowing you to re-enter the park.

The only complaint that I had was that there are no water fountains to be found in the park except for some at a bathroom in the middle of the park.  The employees couldn't help me find any fountains.  The employees I talked to assumed there wasn't any.  I just happen to find a few at a bathroom.  There may have been more but that's all we saw.  My guess is they'd rather you buy water or something to drink rather than give it away.  But that was a minor complaint.  Otherwise we had a great time and enjoyed our first visit to Dutch wonderland very much.  The park is clean, the rides are well maintained and the shows were great.  Overall it's good fun for kids and enjoyable for adults and worth returning to next year!  Enjoy our Pictures of Dutch Wonderland and thanks for reading our review!


Dutch Wonderland
Family Amusement Park

2249 Lincoln Highway East
Lancaster, PA 17602
Tel: 1-866-386-2839



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