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Wheeling in the Valley of the Ferns

1.jpg (70086 bytes)
Tellico North Carolina

Paragon Adventure Park
Rock Krawl

Thousands more photos here..»





Welcome to our 4x4 Photo Album

To us a photo album is more than a bunch of pictures. Sure there's the occasional "money shot" pictures that makes us want to save it as PC wallpaper, but a photo album should represent memories. As time goes by, we tend to recall less and less of the good times of past offroad trips and events and for that reason, many years ago, we started writing our reports to recall the memories of the day and the little things in the timeline that it all happened.  Kind of like a story.  We go back and read our reports and recall stuff we would have otherwise completely forgotten about and sit back and enjoy what we do all that much more.  We hope you enjoy our photo album.  The following pages contain TENS of THOUSANDS of photos from many offroad trips, events and shows over many years.  Enjoy the album and stop back occasionally as the album is continually expanding.

100_6544.jpg (32567 bytes)


Mountain Rush ... In Search of Cache - Several topics of interest dominated this winter's trip that seemed to have themed the weekend into an unusual one, a trip to remember.  wheeling for geocache

Exploring Leatherwood
In a little known valley there exists an area known by only a few as Leatherwood.  We take to the trails one fine Fall weekend to explore this secluded area and have a ton of fun in the process.  Enjoy the Report



Jeff Daniel's Jeep Show 2007 - Jeff Daniel's Jeep in Harleysville, PA held their annual all Jeep show at their facility in Harleysville PA. on Sept. 22nd 2007. The show was a great one and the perfect cap to an awesome summer. more on the show Here

2007 All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage
Bigger and Better than Ever, the 12th annual All Breeds Jeep Show in York PA proved to be the best yet in it's 12 years with an incredible number of Jeeps, vendors, activities, and action on the course.  Enough to get any Jeep fanatic's blood pumping. 

Offroaders.com's Coverage of the Event

All Breeds Jeep Show

Wheeling in Rattlesnake Country
In this offroad report we have our first opportunity to take a 2007 Jeep JK
Wrangler Rubicon and a 2007 Toyota FJ Cruiser up into the Pennsylvania Mountain Trails for a Weekend of Offroading.  Within the fun times of this report we take a look at the pros and cons and our offroad impressions of the FJ Cruiser and the JK Wrangler Rubicon. 
More from Rattlesnake Country

Paragon Adventure Park
Deep Freeze at Paragon AP. Wheeling the ice. 


Paragon Adventure Park
Wheeling the Original location of the Park one last time.  Paragon's Monthly Trail Ride attracts Hundreds in support of the park and it's owners surrounding a battle to save the park's future from extinction.  We attended what might be the last Monthly Ride held here on this property and it was an amazing weekend to say the least.

Wheeling in da Shmootz

A Weekend of Damage and Recovery. Freakishly warm, wet Mid-January weather brings with it fun, breakage, recoveries, football and beer.


Dixie Run 2006
Upper Tellico
Off-Road Vehicle Area

The 20th Annual Dixie Run was held at Upper Tellico OHV Area  Murphy, North Carolina between Sept.29 and Oct. 1, 2006. Coffee Club Pictures in Nashville Tennessee was among many who covered the DIXIE RUN event in the Nantahala National Forest, Tellico Plains, NC.  With six cameras they shot for four days covering the entire event.  Check out the report Here

Northern Exposure
Mountain 4 Wheeling on trails in the Northeast at the peak of the fall season with INCREDIBLE Fall colors .  A weekend in the northeastern Appalachian Mountains.
Enjoy the View
Coverage of the
Jeff Daniel's Jeep Show

What better way to cap off a great summer, than with a Jeep show.  Jeff Daniel's held their annual all Jeep show at their facility in Harleysville PA. on Sept. 30th 2006 and other than a few showers now and then it turned out to be a great show with loads of fun and great Jeeps everywhere!  Check out the Full report Here


Coverage of the PA Jeeps 11th Annual
All Breeds Jeep Show, York PA - 2006
One of our favorite events of the year is the PA Jeeps All-Breeds Jeep Show.  In it's 11th year, the show proved to be bigger and better than ever with hundreds of Jeeps on display in the infield as well as on display across the obstacle course. See More! 

In this report, meet Bree from JP Magazine and the Quadratec catalog!

The 6th Annual Great American Jeep Rally
One the Northeast's largest Jeep shows held September 24, 2006 ... See more Here

Offroad in the heart of the Anthracite Coal Region

A weekend of hill climbs, trail runs and kicking up coal dust.

Insane Rock Crawling

And you thought the trails in your neck of the woods were a challenge.

CRF63.jpg (134833 bytes)
Wheeling in the Valley of the Ferns

An awesome, eventful weekend in fern covered mountains.  Jeeps Toyotas and Quads ...

Rausch Creek Off-Road Park
OK's 4x4 Tour 2006, held at Rausch Creek Off-Road Park.  An Awesome weekend of Fun, Sun, Rocks, Mud and Trails ... check out the pictures from the event.  Click Here
100_2378.jpg (51564 bytes)Paragon Adventure Park
Knocking off work on a Friday to do a few good hours of Rock Crawling
Dcp_6933.jpg (98807 bytes)
Paragon Adventure Park OK 4WD Rock Krawl
A day of Rock Krawlin on the Awesome trails of Paragon Adventure Park with OK Auto 4WD & Tire.
Winter Bash 2006
Another Rocking, Rowdy Winter Trip up to the cabin.  This year a total of 28 crazy co-workers and friends descend on this sleepy valley for a weekend of wheeling and partying.
1.jpg (70086 bytes)Tellico North Carolina
This group of 4x4's of the Jeep-L mailing list hit the challenging trails of Tellico North Carolina.  Along with this group was Rick Masters of Pennsylvania who provided the pictures of this Tellico trip.
100_5368b.jpg (153870 bytes)RAIN EVENT - Wheelin' with Tammy
A rain soaked trip into the PA mountains.  New trails in familiar territory.  Quads, Jeeps Toyotas and more...

100_3764.jpg (68958 bytes)2005 All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage
The 10 Annual PA Jeeps Jeep Show in York PA is something for the Jeep Fan to See.  A Jeep Exclusive Show-n-Shine/Trail Readiness Event. 
GAJR010.jpg (54869 bytes)The Great American Jeep Rally
The 5th Annual Great American Jeep Rally was held at the Four Town Fairgrounds located in Somers Connecticut.  Proudly presented by Baystate Jeepers and Northeast Jeep Organization.


wheel_up.JPG (57201 bytes)All Breeds Jeep Show Coverage
The 6th Annual PA Jeeps Jeep Show in York PA.  Show and Shine, Obstacle Course, Raffles, Good Eats, Swap Meets and More!
Dcp_0580.jpg (26513 bytes)Rock Crawl Flashback
An Original Ok 4 Wheel Drive Rock Crawl Event held in the Catskills of New York.
Wheeling in Harmony
A day trip to a wooded valley in New Jersey for some trail clearing then some hard throttled rocky hill climbing.
The Sandbox...
Strange and Unusual Vehicles & 4x4s
Hundreds of vehicles that make you do a double take.

Redneck County
100 plus Pics from Redneck County

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More Trail Reports

Four Leaf Wheeling - Offroading on a Friday the 13th Weekend
Paragon Adventure Park - Knocking off work on a Friday to do a few good hours of Rock Crawling
Winter Wonderland
An Offroad Trip to an Ice glazed Mountain Top

Still Having Fun in the PA Mountains
Having fun despite it all

Rock Krawl 2004
A day of Rock Krawlin at Paragon Adventure Park

Winter Wheeling -  January 2004
An Offroad Trip into frigid temperatures


October Woodlands 
Another Weekend of Offroadin' in the PA Mountains

Wet Wheelin'
Let it rain, we're wheelin' anyway...
Trail Trekin'
and the search for Doug Wood
Wheeling On A Winters Day
Another Great Winter trip to the mountains of PA.  
A Great November Weekend day trip to one of the best 4x4 parks in the North East.
Summer-time Flashback
Flashback to the 6th Annual All Breeds Jeep Show in York PA.  Jeeps of all Shapes, Sizes, Modified to the classic stock.  Hundreds of photos from a great day filled with events and show-n-shine.
Mountain Maneuvers
A great trip to the mountain to vent some steam.  This trip we catch a glimpse of 2 C-130 Hercules Aircrafts practicing Maneuvers though the valleys under the radar.
Sundown Krawl...Return to Martian's Creek
Some places are worth returning to.  This is one of them.  This compact location is one of those great places to go for a few good hours of 4x4 fun.
Sundown Krawl with OK4WD
Take a tropical storm dumping several inches of rain, an old overgrown quarry, 10 well equipped 4x4's, add plenty of mud and rocks and about 5 hours to wheel on a Saturday afternoon...what do you get? This month's Sundown Krawl.
Mountain Excursion - Into the Highlands of PA
A weekend jam packed with long trail runs and an evening run though some mud holes in the pouring rain.
Wheeling in Harmony
Work Detail with OK 4 Wheel Drive
Winter Wheelin at Camp Doe-Be-Gone
Another Great Winter Wheeling trip to the mountains of PA
Clearfield PA Fall 2000
Beautiful weather, Blue skies, lots of mud and great trail runs.  We packed alot of trails into a couple of days up in the mountains of PA.  Months later we're still adding more photos online.
Tellico North Carolina
And you thought the trails in your backyard were tough.  Check out Tellico N.C.   This is Hardcore.  Not for the Stock 4x4 to say the least...
Rock Krawl 2000
Great Trail Run to the Catskills of New York over the Memorial Day Weekend with a Great group of people!  The several hundred pictures were taken in all
Clearfield County / Spring 2000
Although it was a rainy weekend and most of the group canceled, a small pack of us had plenty of fun. 
SHAMOKIN PA / April 15th - Tariff Day
Nothing But Fun and MUD! Fantastic Return Trip to the Coal Regions and some of the best trails Yet. Also included in this trip is a 360 shot of the hillside in Centralia PA where coal beneath the ground has been burning since 1962.
Clearfield County / January 2000 The Y2K Trip
Great day of 4 Wheeling.  New friends and new vehicles. We had a good group of people and vehicles from the highly modified to the stock Full sizes, everyone had a great time.  Very interesting pictures of a water crossing in this report.
Somewhere in Delaware County PA Christmas Eve
Centralia - Shamokin PA November 1999
Trails, Lots of Trails.  Good Trails.  Lots of fun with a large group of 23 vehicles, mainly Toyota Tacoma's from Tacoma Territory Off-Roader's Association (T.T.O.R.A.)  Thanks for the invite Joe!
Clearfield County / Fall 1999
Fall in the mountains, cool, sunny weather and good trail rides.  Lots of fun and a few struggles in this report including how well a new locker really does.  Included in this report are several Java enabled 360º Panoramic Views. 
Clearfield County / Early June 1999
Great trip! We had loads of fun and found some new trails in an area rarely accessed since the days of heavy logging.
Hazelton - Paragon Adventure Park / Mid May 
Rock Crawling With the JeepFan

Rock crawling from Paragon Adventure Park in Hazelton PA.

Digging into the archives now....    usa.gif (1030 bytes)


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