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Laying out the MAME Game Controls

Next I took the buttons and joystick I ordered and started laying out and marking the new piece of sheet metal.  This is where I added more buttons.  I had added a few more not knowing what I'd need them for but I ended up using them.  MAME can re-map keys for each game so if you want to move buttons around, it's a matter of re-mapping in the software for each game.  Usually the defaults are good enough.

The original buttons were leaf switch type buttons. My new buttons were micro switch buttons.  The micro switch buttons are easier to work with but require a little more clearance.

Original Control Panel

The buttons I included on my panel are the following.  If you are designing a panel, get familiar with MAME first so you know the buttons you need.
P This is Pause in MAME
ESC To back out of a Game
ENTER To Enter into a game and navigate the MAME menu within a game
Left Arrow Move left in games
Right Arrow Move Right in games
TAB Enter into the MAME menu within a game
Z I used this as one of the extra buttons to map a key to if I forgot about something.
Moving (playing) within a game using: Left arrow, Right Arrow, Up Arrow, Down Arrow The left and right in the joystick are duplicated with the left and right buttons. Some games re buttons, some are joystick.
Left CTRL Fire with many games
ALT Action in many games
SPACE Action in many games
1 1 Player
2 2 Player
5 and 6 I wired these to the coin slot switches to accept a coin drop and register a game.  I also hard wired a push button switch to the 6 next to the coin slots so I don't need a quarter.
Once I had my buttons laid out, I had someone punch holes in the sheet metal.  I could have used my drill press but I have access to a hole punch machine and it was easier to ask the guy to do it.  Thanks John.  I then transferred the holes to the plywood and drilled those out with my drill press.

For my joystick, I did not order a mounting plate because it wasn't needed.  I marked and cut the square hole in the wood.  The joystick will be below the sheet metal and recessed in the plywood.  The stick will come out of a 1 inch hole, same as the buttons.

Due to the differences in the buttons I had to remove a cross brace from my cabinet so I could clear the longer micro switch buttons (below).
Below, all the buttons mounted, ready to be wired.
To the right, I had to put a strip of wood in to hold the panel in place.  This is the same as the old one.  I'm sure all cabinets will vary.  I also transferred the clamp catch to the new panel, which holds the panel in place.
So there's my panel.  Sheet metal bolted to the plywood with carrige bolts.  I thought about graphics but decided a coat of gloss black was good enough.  It matches the cabinet and I don't have to worry about fancy paint work which would have taken too much time and effort.  The colored buttons actually look good and the colors mean something. 

It's now ready for wiring.  The PC is not in the cabinet yet and neither is the monitor.  I'll get the control panel wiring done first then wire up the KeyWiz.

To the Control Panel Wiring and the KeyWiz






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