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With trails from Easy to Nearly Impossible, Tellico truly offers something for everyone. Near stock Jeeps with all-terrains can have a great time on the easy to moderate trails. The harder stuff is usually pretty tough and it's quite common to see huge tires, stretched frames and high horsepower on these trails. 

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The Upper Tellico Off Road Vehicle area consists of approximately 8000 acres located about 12 miles northwest of Murphy NC near the very western most tip of the NC where it borders Tennessee and Georgia.  Tellico is located deep within the Nantahala National Forest.  It is a high-elevation basin formed by the surrounding Unicoi Mountains, with elevations ranging from 2500' up to 4980'. Having been heavily but selectively logged from about 1950 until 1969, most of the well worn trails are the remnants of logging and skidder trails. After the logging operations ceased the area became increasingly known for it's rugged off-road vehicle challenges.

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Picture from Guardrail. They put a guardrail up so you don't roll off of the mountain.

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Tellico Information


Dixie Run 2006
Upper Tellico Off-Road Vehicle Area

The 20th Annual Dixie Run was held at Upper Tellico OHV Area  Murphy, North Carolina between Sept.29 and Oct. 1, 2006. Coffee Club Pictures in Nashville Tennessee was among many who covered the DIXIE RUN event in the Nantahala National Forest, Tellico Plains, NC.  With six cameras they shot for four days covering the entire event.  Check out the report Here



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