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This happened on Helicopter Pad.  At the top of this trail is a clearing where they reportedly lift people out.

The Upper Tellico Area has had many owners, including private timber companies. Between 1950 and 1969 the area was extensively logged. Many roads and skid trails were built to accomplish the logging. As these roads were abandoned, nature restored some of them to nearly the original condition of the land. Other roads were discovered by ORV enthusiasts. Unfortunately, many of these routes had been poorly located with steep grades and no drainage. They became deeply rutted and eroded as a result of the ORV use.  The Forest Service purchased the Upper Tellico Area in 1980, and began a program of restoration. ORV opportunities will remain available, but will be designated to be compatible with the environment. 

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Tellico Information


Dixie Run 2006
Upper Tellico Off-Road Vehicle Area

The 20th Annual Dixie Run was held at Upper Tellico OHV Area  Murphy, North Carolina between Sept.29 and Oct. 1, 2006. Coffee Club Pictures in Nashville Tennessee was among many who covered the DIXIE RUN event in the Nantahala National Forest, Tellico Plains, NC.  With six cameras they shot for four days covering the entire event.  Check out the report Here



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