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Rocky Top Trail Riders Rock Buggy Giveaway

In February of 2006, Coffee Club Pictures, Inc of Nashville, Tennessee began shooting video of the Rocky Top Trail Riders and the build-up vehicle they were going to donate to the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) at the 2006 Dixie Run in honor of the Dixie Runís 20th anniversary, the 15 member Rocky Top Trail Riders built a $45,000 buggy to donate to the fundraiser which was raffled off at the DIXIE RUN. "We are going to build a turn-key tube buggy," said club member Brent Mann.   The entire build-up is destine to be aired as a Television Series in 2007.   Air date to be announced.

Buy the 20th Annual Dixie Run DVD from them: www.groundupseries.com/product.php

Rocky Top Trail Riders web site: www.rockytoptrailriders.com

"From the Ground Up" ... the Story
From the Ground Up, the Series is a show which follows the building of a four-wheel-drive off-road vehicle, completely from scratch. The Rocky Top Trail Riders Club of Gallatin, TN has committed to building a turn key tube buggy to give away at the "20th Anniversary Dixie Run". The Dixie Run is the central fund raising event put on each year by the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association. The SFWDA is comprised of many local off-road riding clubs throughout the SouthEastern United States.

The Rocky Top Trail Riders is a group of 15 member off-road enthusiasts who voluntarily give their time and resources towards the cause of building the "buggy" to be donated. The proceeds of the one-dollar-per-ticket raffle, as well as any other revenues generated by the SFWDA at the Dixie Run, will go towards the ongoing mission of keeping the Off Highway Vehicle trails at various sites across the country open for the public to enjoy.

Each episode of "From the Ground Up: The Series" follows the members of the Rocky Top Trail Riders through a new step involved in the building of the "buggy". Anyone who is curious about the process of building a vehicle or who enjoys mechanics of any kind is certain to gain new insights, get educated, and enjoy pure entertainment as the members tackle new challenges each week.

See their own great videos about the buggy building project:

Buy the 20th Annual Dixie Run DVD from them: www.groundupseries.com/product.php

Coffee Club Pictures     615-383-7310

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