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Dixie Run 2006
Upper Tellico Off-Road Vehicle Area

Hardcore trail riding in the beautiful Smokey Mountains of western North Carolina.

September 29 - October 1, 2006, Nantahala National Forest,
Upper Tellico OHV Area, Murphy, North Carolina. 
Upper Tellico ORV Area is located on National Forest lands in the Nantahala National Forest.

The images directly above and below were provided by Jack Waters of Tellico Plains TN and the Tellico Plains Mountain Press, an Online History and Feature Ezine.  Thanks Jack.   Visit them on the web at www.telliquah.com


Rocky Top Trail Riders Rock Buggy Giveaway

In honor of the Dixie Runís 20th anniversary, the 15 member Rocky Top Trail Riders built a $45,000 buggy to donate to the fundraiser which was raffled off at the DIXIE RUN. "We are going to build a turn-key tube buggy," said club member Brent Mann.

In February of 2006, Coffee Club Pictures, Inc of Nashville, Tennessee began shooting video of the Rocky Top Trail Riders and the build-up vehicle they were going to donate to the Southern Four Wheel Drive Association (SFWDA) at the 2006 Dixie Run.  The entire build-up is destine to be aired as a Television Series much like similar shows about custom built vehicles.   Air date to be announced.

See their own great videos about the buggy building project:

Buy the 20th Annual Dixie Run DVD from them: www.groundupseries.com/product.php

Rocky Top Trail Riders web site: www.rockytoptrailriders.com




The Upper Tellico ORV Area is located in the Nantahala National Forest near Murphy, North Carolina in Cherokee County. Murphy is located in the southwestern part of the state where North Carolina, Tennessee, and Georgia all come together, and at the junction of Hwy 19/74 and Hwy 64. The Upper Tellico ORV Area is famous for some of the best 4x4 trail riding in all of America. Names like Guardrail, Helicopter Pad, Slick Rock and School Bus all conjure up visions of rock piles, steep hills and off camber ascents to challenge offroaders of all experience levels.

The Upper Tellico Area is a high-elevation basin formed by the Unicoi Mountains. The Tellico River and its numerous feeder streams are born amid the high oaks and dissect the 8000 acres of rugged, steep terrain. Elevations range from 2500 feet on the Tellico River at the North Carolina Ė Tennessee State line to 4979 feet on the Grassy Top Mountain. The forest cover is mostly mixed hardwoods with some pine and a variety of understory species.




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