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A great 350 5.7 liter swap in at:


Picture of motor in(

Vehicle Info

Make: Jeep Model: Comanche Year: 1989 Nickname: Opa Car Setup: street Sound System Setup: stock Bragging Rights Est. Horsepower: 250 Performance Modifications Brake Upgrades: Custom Engine Components: Edelbrock Exhaust: Custom Header: Edelbrock Intake: Custom Shocks: Rancho

Manufacturer Contact Info

Custom Edelbrock 310-781-2222 800-416-8628 (

Rancho 847-482-5000 (


Chevy Engine Types

This page needs more information or an article about engine types over the years used in Chevys. Any info would be appricated.

  • L-98
  • LT-1
  • LS-1


Flywheels and Flexplates

One subject I'm always trying to find out is what flywheel or flex plate goes with what engine. The way I understand it, there are basically two kinds of flexplate/flywheel for Chevy small blocks, the big and the little one. The big one is a 168 tooth flywheel and the little is a 153 tooth. This is useful information if you are looking for a flex plate or flywheel for your conversion or a starter.

The engine in early CJs often called the "Iron Duke" use the small block Chevy pattern, which should be the 153 tooth flywheel. The bell housing of the transmission used in this Jeep should bit the 168 tooth fly wheel just fine if you were bolting a V8 of some sort.

The way I understand it, most of the V8s before 1991 used the big flywheel and most after use the little one, but I'm not sure on this.

Corvette Starters: The Corvette used a nice Denso high torque and light weight starter. This is a great and relatively cheap way to upgrade the starter in your Jeep with Chevy or Buick engine.


All text is available under the terms of the GNU Free Documentation License.
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