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Coverage of the PA Jeeps 11th Annual

2006 All Breeds Jeep Show, York PA

The Jeeps lined up for the obstacle course way down the midway and around the corner.  Seems about half of the show Jeeps wanted a crack at the course.


Jeeps on the RTI ramp.

Left, a classic Jeep wheel.

Right, a Cherokee
sporting the new
Pit Bull Rocker

Classic military Jeeps

Above, this Jeep CJ-5 had a diesel power plant and was running on Cooking Oil! Very cool, and Green.  The smell of the exhaust made us hungry for french fries!

Below, some of the
Jeeps waiting to hit the
obstacle course.

A bus converted to a hauler.

Cooling off under the BIG Jeep.

If you ever get a chance to catch this show, its worth the price of admission. Even if Jeeps aren't your thing, its fun to watch guys beat the crap out of their Jeeps on the rock piles!







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