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Transitions ... and the pursuit of happiness

Everyone's thinking evolves over time.  They call it learning from experience.  Life tends to steer you in directions that you didn't expect.  We've been coming up here into these mountains for years, in fact, decades.  The array of vehicles that the people we have owned AND wheeled is wide, everything from stock Jeep CJ's and Cherokees, to Toyota FJ Cruisers, to moderately built Jeep YJ's to full size Ford pickups, to highly modified custom built CJ's and everything in between.  But there seems to be trends at times.  Early in the days of our trips into the Appalachian mountains, it seemed to be the Toyota Pickups and Tacomas, 4 Runners, Jeep Cherokees and Land Cruisers that seemed to dominate our interests.  Moderately modified and reliable.  Then for a while it was Jeeps.  Jeep YJ's, CJ's,  Jeep TJ's and Rubicons and Jeep JK's.   Lately though, its evolved once again.  This time, Toyota FJ Cruisers.  People may wonder why the FJ Cruiser and there's a lot of good reasons.  For one, the mountain logging trails that we spend most of our time on are easily tamed by the FJ Cruiser with ample clearance, great traction with a factory locker, traction control and a well balanced suspension.  Another reason is reliability.  You simply can not beat the reliability of a Toyota.  I drove a Toyota Pickup for many years, wheeled it hard, sold it to a friend who also wheeled it hard without any problems and then sold it.  Comfort.  When you are driving hundreds of miles to go 4 wheeling for several hours over a couple of days, you want to enjoy the ride, which is really part of the experience.  Like they say its not just the destination, its also the journey (or something  like that).  You also want the effort to be more fun than work.  Where am I going with all this?  Probably to the Toyota Dealership.  Its time for an FJ Cruiser.



Airing down for a day of wheeling
John, a happy owner of a new FJ Cruiser.  Is he blown away by the performance over his old Toyota pickup?  I think he's blown away.


Don't get me wrong.  I'm not selling the Jeep.  Nor am I selling the Ford F-150 truck or the tandem trailer that has hauled this 1978 CJ-7 all around the state of PA to our wheeling destinations.  So I'll have options.  Is it a Jeep Rocking weekend or are we hauling the kids for some comfortable fun?  I'll have options.  I like options.


Mike, what happened?



6 pages worth of fun ... 

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