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 A small village in the anthracite coal region of central Pennsylvania that existed from 1856 to 1996. All of the residents moved out of Byrnesville because of the smoke and fumes from the Centralia mine fire.  
This page I would like to dedicate to:
and what people did for recreation while growing up in the village. We enjoyed many of the simpler things in life, such as;
We had the freedom to roam and enjoy the many acres of woodland that surrounded Byrnesville. ----
Picking huckleberries, blackberries, chestnuts, and a variety of fruits---
Hunting small game, rabbits, grouse and squirrels. ---
Riding bicycles, motorcycles, motorized go-karts, sledding, ice skating, roller skating and building snowmen. ---
Playing sandlot baseball and basketball outside on grass courts. ---




  • Target shooting with BB guns, 22 cal. rifles, and homemade bows and arrows. ---
  • Bonfires on July 4th. ---
  • Potato roast, corn roast, grilling hot dogs on an open camp fire. ---
  • Enjoying ice cream cones when the ice cream truck came around. ---
  • Climbing trees, hiking, building shacks, playing hide and seek, swimming    in the many water filled holes. ---
  • Playing poker and other card games. ---
  • Enjoying the many activities at the Byrnesville gun club, trap shooting, pigeon shooting and picnics.---
  • Playing pinball machines.---
While the strip mining of coal caused a lot of dirt , noise and inconvenience
it also provided many enjoyable hours of watching giant machines digging
for coal and hauling  away the dirt and the coal.
After the holes were finished the large dirt  banks that remained were
used by dirt bikers for hill climbing,  for sledding and hiking.
Abandoned stripmine truck on Byrnesville street Truck being dismantled April 2004
We also traveled to neighboring towns to swim, go to movies, watch parades and play in the playgrounds. We traveled to amusement parks such as Reichweins, Buery's grove, Ideal, Springbrook and Knoebles.  After 1950, television was added to the things to do.  I am sure that there are many things that could be added to this list and I    hope former residents will keep us informed about their experiences either by E-mail or the guest book.
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Byrnesville, Pennsylvania - Byrnesville was a small community location just south of the town of Centralia Pennsylvania.   Byrnesville was completely dismantled by 1996 due to the effects of the Centralia Mine Fire.  Read more about Byrnesville Here.