Old pictures from the Anthracite coal region in Pennsylvania.    
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Early strip mine operation
Blasting at the strip mine
Today's giant machines
Miners attempting to rescue others miners trapped because of a cave in at a"BOOTLEG" mining operation in the Byrnesville area.  Date around late 1930's.
Cardboard disks that were used to identify the coal company that sold the coal. These were usually put in the prepared coal.
Copy of old paycheck from 1914.
Earnings were :  121 hours @  .183 =  $22.14
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More pictures and the
population of coal region
towns in 1950
                                 RELIC OF THE PAST IN BYRNESVILLE
This wash house was part of the Locust Run Coal Company. The building was used as a garage, a lamp house that serviced the lamps that miners used in the mines and as a place for miners to wash after they were finished work.


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